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About T-Afrique

Discover Authentic African Style and Culture

 Embrace the vibrant colors and rich heritage of Africa with our exquisite collection of African wear, decorative crafts, and accessories. From traditional attire to contemporary designs, we curate each piece to showcase the beauty and diversity of African craftsmanship. Whether you’re looking for a stunning outfit for a special occasion or unique décor to enhance your space, T-Afrique offers quality and authenticity that captivates the senses.

About T-Afrique

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Bringing Authentic African Style to You for 6 Years – Experience our  collection of wear, crafts, and accessories

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Delighting 2,000+ Customers with Authentic African Style

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a flexible return and exchange policy. Please refer to info@t-afrique.com for detailed information on our return process.

 We offer a diverse range of African attire, including traditional garments like dashikis and kaftans, as well as contemporary designs.

Yes, all our decorative crafts are sourced directly from artisans across Africa, ensuring authenticity and supporting local communities.

Yes, we offer customization services for certain items, allowing you to tailor your purchase to your specific preferences.

Shipping times vary depending on your location, but typically range from 5 to 10 business days for international orders.


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